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Water and fertilizer integration

May 17,2022
Changsha Dawning Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.

Water and fertilizer integration technology refers to a new agricultural technology that integrates irrigation and fertilization.

The integration of water and fertilizer is to use the pressure system (or the natural drop of the terrain) to mix the soluble solid or liquid fertilizer, according to the soil nutrient content and the fertilizer demand law and characteristics of the crop type, the mixed fertilizer solution and the irrigation water, through the controllable pipeline System water supply and fertilizer supply, after the water and fertilizer are mixed, drip irrigation is formed through pipes and drippers, and the crop root development and growth area is uniformly, regularly and quantitatively infiltrated, so that the main root soil always maintains loose and suitable water content;

At the same time, according to the characteristics of fertilizer requirements of different crops, soil environment and nutrient content, water requirements in different growth periods of crops, and fertilizer requirements, the demand design of different growth periods is carried out, and water and nutrients are regularly quantified and directly provided to crops in proportion.

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