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How to determine your water source in the selection of agricultural irrigation filter

Oct 22,2021
Changsha Dawning Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.

Before selecting an agricultural irrigation filter, we will confirm the water source with the user. What type of water source is it?

Agricultural irrigation water sources generally come from reservoir water, lake water, river water, well water, ponds, ditches, etc. The general water quality is divided into four categories. Irrigation water is usually well water, river water without sedimentation or surface water with a large number of microorganisms. Therefore, the water quality is poor water quality or very poor water quality, that is, the third or fourth type of water quality.

Tap water, first-class water quality, very good water quality;

Reservoir water, second-class water quality, relatively good water quality;

Yellow River water, pond water and river water rich in organic matter, three types of water quality;

You can divide your own water source situation according to the actual situation of your site, so as to find a more suitable filter and accuracy range. If you have any questions, please call directly: +86-731-84391122

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