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Irrigation self cleaning filter

Feb 23,2022
Changsha Dawning Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.

The filter is an important device in the micro-irrigation system. There are many types of filters on the market, including centrifugal filters,self cleaning filters, and sandwich filters. Among them, theself cleaning filter has been widely used in modern agricultural irrigation systems due to its advantages of good filtering effect, high cleaning efficiency and high cost performance. However,self cleaning filters can also become blocked. So, you know, how can aself cleaning filter prevent the filter from clogging?


    What if theself cleaning filter is blocked?



    First, we need to know what causes the filter to clog, so that we can know how to prevent the filter from clogging.


    Reasons for a clogged filter


    1. The water sources used for agricultural irrigation (well water, channel water, reservoir water, etc.) contain different degrees of dirt and impurities, which are easy to block the filter screen.


    2. Screen mesh The mesh screen can be divided into rectangular, circular, wedge-shaped and annular, and the number of screens is 8-800. No matter what kind of filter screen, when it encounters large solid impurities, it cannot be filtered and can only be left in the filter screen. If this continues, the grid filter will be blocked.


 3. The cleaning design of theself cleaning filter is not good enough. The cleaning of the filter is divided into manual cleaning and automatic cleaning. Although automatic cleaning is convenient and fast, it cannot actually achieve the purpose of thorough cleaning, and some impurities will remain in the filter screen, which will affect the later filtering effect.




    4. Water and fertilizer integration technology Although the water and fertilizer integration technology greatly saves labor costs and time, in the micro-irrigation system, the chemical fertilizer will inevitably produce scale on the filter screen, causing the filter screen to be blocked.




    Measures to prevent filter clogging:



    (1) There are too many impurities in the water source, resulting in the blockage of the filter screen: during automatic backwashing, multiple sedimentation tanks and filter screen filter facilities are added in the middle of the link channel for water to enter the filter to delay the blockage of the filter.


    (2) The filter screen of theself cleaning filter is poorly designed and the filter screen is blocked: when using, the filter type and mesh number should be selected according to the environment and water quality characteristics of different regions.


    (3) Blockage caused by poor cleaning design of theself cleaning filter: Reasonable operation design should be carried out according to different water quality characteristics. An appropriate filtration time should be selected during cleaning, and an appropriate differential pressure should also be set during differential pressure cleaning.


    (4) The filter screen is blocked due to the combination of water and fertilizer: acidic substances can be added to the water to neutralize the alkalinity in the water, thereby dissolving the insoluble substances condensed on the filter screen and reducing the conditions for the formation of insoluble substances. For large areas of farmland, consider installing fertilization equipment at the back end of the filter screen to reduce the possibility of filter screen clogging.

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