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No electricity irrigation self cleaning filter with battery control

This self cleaning filter is controlled by AA battery,which mean a water-driven automatic system that doesn't require an external power source for operation.
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Self Clean Filter As Fine Filtration
Protection tape irrigation system from blockage.

Usea stainless steel screen mesh to remove the silt, sand and scale dirt from the water. Irrigation water containing few organics could also be filtered.

The available flow rate is from 50m3/h to 1500m3/h.

The working principle

When water enters the coarse screen from the outside (the coarse strainer is set according to the water quality), the coarser impurities are filtered and then enter the fine screen, then the smaller impurities are blocked on the inner filtering element. The filtered water then flows out through the outlet.

The self-cleaning mode can be started by pressing, timing, or manual three ways, following the principle of pressure difference.

When the internal and external pressure difference reaches the set value,  the self-cleaning mode starts. Drainpipe hydraulic valve open, sucking the scanner to produce negative pressure suction nozzle inside, absorbing impurities, at the same time sucking scanner in under hydraulic motor along the inside surface mesh does reciprocate screw movement, no cleaning blind area, impurities by the discharge outlet.

The cleaning time of the self-cleaning filter is set by the controller in advance, the drain valve is closed after cleaning, and little water loss in the cleaning process.

Model selecting

Filter Components

Irrigation Filtration Solution

To get the best filtration effect, improve water quality, and protect irrigation systems, different types of filters should be combined according to a different types of raw water.

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