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CDFS sand filter compared with Natefim

Mar 11,2022
Changsha Dawning Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.

 Thecomparisonbetween single chamber and double chamber sand filter

1. New one - single chamber     

Old - double chamber (Netafim)

2. Better backwash effect: Backwash water is sprayed 360 ° from the collector, which can wash the sand.

3. It is not easy for sand to come out of the drain.


4. Convenient for checking and replacing media

The water outlet of single tank is located in bottom,then media can be easily discharged by itself and manuallypulled out)

5. Internal anti-corrosion effect is better.

After the completion of welding of the porous plate between the lower chamber and the upper chamber of the double chamber tank,

the anticorrision of lower chamber couldn't make well.

However single chamber tanks don't have this problem at all.)

6. When it is not necessary to use a filter in winter, the accumulated water in the tank needs to be evacuated to prevent the expansion of the ice and cause damage to the equipment.

The outlet pipe of single-chamber tank is at the bottom, the legs are relatively high, and the manual valve is installed on the drain pipe,so it will be more convenient to open the drain valve manually.)

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